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Everyday Disasters, people need Hope, so we BBQ

We just wanted to share with you our reaching out to Our Daily Bread and cooking some BBQ Chicken for those that count on a hot meal from them every week. As You know, we have been a regular participant in helping prepare meals. We put together really good meals and we use what comes into the food bank. We typically put together big pots of meat stew, jambalaya, pasta etc.... but when we got the load of Chicken thighs in, we decided to go outside the box.

Thanks to Jeff Taylor and his letting us borrow his pit, we were able to cook meals for over 1300 people in the Hammond community. It was a HUGE hit and the excitement around the whole cook was Fun to be around.

Our little organization is made for bringing hope and love into the lives of people when they need it. Disasters create those needs and that's why we are known as a disaster relief organization.... And... people are experiencing disaster in their lives everyday and when we get the opportunity to help out, we WILL.

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