Fox 8 New Orleans: Louisiana Love headed to Kentucky

Check out the piece we did on Fox 8... Thank YOU Fox 8

Bruce Mitchell's Live video

Our team is busy getting ready to head up to Mayfield KY to bring some Louisiana Love to those dealing with the aftermath of the tornados that ripped their town, and their region apart.

Our team heads up there Jan 27th and we will feed between 2,500 and 3,000 over the weekend. On the menu is Cowboy beans, Hot Dogs, Jambalaya, White beans, Pastalaya and green beans... and we will most likely hold a crawfish boil Friday night. Any help you can send us is greatly appreciated and your prayers are even more appreciated. Our team is blessed to include our TV stars, Facebook influencers, first responders and a bunch of really cool guys... and all of us just love to love on our neighbors.