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Honoring a Faithful Servant

Corporal Pricilla Soell Pierson (Ponchatoula Police Department) passed away on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, at the age of 44. She was born on Tuesday, April 22, 1980 in Hammond, Louisiana to Kathy Vickery Adams and the late Robert AnthonySoell, Jr. She was a resident of Ponchatoula, Louisiana.

It was an honor to play a small part in comforting our community in this time of pain and loss with the healing, and loving qualities of BBQ. It's what we are all about and how we serve the people we love... our community!

Pricilla always had a contagious smile, she lit up every room she was in. Spring was one of her favorite times of the year. She loved being outside and you couldn’t catch her grass being over two inches high. She put her heart and soul into everything she did. “Cilla” loved nothing more than bringing home new plants and flowers for her garden and to put around her porch. She found happiness in watering them and tending to them, day or night. Her love for being outside extended to the beach, where she loved being in the sand and sun. Everyone who was blessed to know her, knows that she had a personal effect on each one of them. She will forever be loved, cherished and remembered for not only who she was (and her glamorous personality) but how loved she made everyone feel.

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