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Bringing HOPE to Mississippi Tornado Victims

The massive destructive Tornado Storms that ravaged towns throughout the Mississippi Delta left a trail of pain and suffering that is indescribible. We partnered with Operation BBQ Relief and were able to feed 5,200 people throughout the region including Silver City, Rolling Fork, Yazoo City and Louise. This is an area of very small farming towns, some of which were completely wiped out.

On one trip, we took meals out, looking to feed people that we ran across. Just southwest of Silver

City, one of crew learned of a family that has been hit hard. We found the house and the older couple digging through the rubble. Their house was destroyed... there was a house next door, where the husband's sister lived and it was demolished... and she walked away without a scrape. During our visit, we put down the tailgate of the truck and built 10 box lunches of Pork Loin and Gravy, corn and green beans and a slice of bread. They couldn't have been more thankful. I commented to my friend Bry Layrisson, that those 10 meals were the most impactful of my disaster relief career.

It is an honor and a blessing to be able to serve those hurting and needing some Hope. We couldn't do it without Your love and support. Thank YOU for financially supporting our work. As long as we can, we will be where God needs us to be, helping those who need it! Thanks again and God bless You.

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