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Whole Hog School - Sat. June 15 - (3-8PM)
BBQ Feast - Sun June 16- (5-8PM)
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Whole Hog School: We will take you through the process from start to finish and give you the confidence to cook a whole Hog for your family and friends.  Cost for school is $250 and includes (2) Tickets to the Feast on Sunday.

Whole Hog Feast: All of the Amazing cuts of the Hog and Chef crafted sides to feast on Father's day evening.  It will be a meal and an experience you'll never forget.  The perfect gift for the BBQ Dad!  Cost is $100 per person...
Includes OPEN BAR

Corporate Sponsorship:  A limited number of Corporate Sponsorships are available and will include Social Media advertising, banners and flyers for the event.  Cost is $500 and includes (2) Tickets to the BBQ Feast on Sunday.
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When Disasters Hit..We are all 1-Family

Helping those in need!

We are a registered IRS 501c(3) non-Profit organization.  All donations are Tax deductible.
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Bringing HOPE when it's needed MOST!


We Hope to see You there!

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