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Feeding Florida following Hurricane Idalia

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Once again We partnered up with Operation BBQ Relief and headed over to Live Oak Florida to help feed those impacted by Hurricane Idalia. In 7 Days, we were able to fix 168,000 meals. We cooked on 10 Commercial Ole Hickory pits and had a great team of PitMasters and helpers. The numbers are daunting, and the work was exhausting.... and all worth it.... because THIS is what we do... bring HOPE to people when they need it most.

And here is a little Poem I wrote after one of the morning processing sessions:

Bringing HOPE

As I sit here in my truck

Drinking in the ac and taking a break...

Covered In Grease, head to toe

Bringing HOPE

Sore and stiff and way past tired...

5600 pork dinners out

Bringing HOPE

Jump on loins... and start slicing...

17,280 and they are done

Bringing HOPE

Oh. It's 10:30 in the morning...

No break

Load up 300 carnita pork dinners.

Bringing HOPE

Ok, take a break

Then we load 880 butts for tomorrow morning.. 22,000 meals

Bringing HOPE

Disaster relief deployment

New Friends, new stories...Proud to serve our neighbors

Bringing HOPE

You gotta love it!

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