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Takin some Louisiana Love to Kentucky and Tennessee

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Had a Wonderful weekend feeding the good people of Kentucky and Tennessee who were impacted by the recent tornados. Setting up shop in Fulton with the help of City Manager Mike Gunn and Darcy Linn - Commissioner they rounded up a fantastic local team with Sue Engle - Pastor First United Methodist Church. Jimmie and Debra Greer helped coordinate with a host of others that got a total of 3,121 people served Hot meals packed with Love.

Our Goal was to bring some Louisiana Love to the folks who have a long road of recover ahead of them. By all accounts, we can say, Mission Accomplished.

As always we thank our outstanding Partners, Ole Hickory Pits, Smitty's Oil, Acadian Ambulance, S&W, ProGenex and the rest of the team

We can always use your support. We can't do this without You on our team. If you can, we would love for you to donate to our organization:

This will give you an idea of the weekend we had.... an amazing blessing for all of us!

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